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Search Process Overview

Initial Briefing: Confidential discussions with key client executives and, as appropriate, board members, to provide relevant facts and issues of the business, client strategies and objectives, and in general a working knowledge of the company’s history, needs and opportunities.  From this discussion, corporate culture and management objectives come into focus.

Position Specification: Our firm will draft a detailed job profile for client approval.  It will explain the scope of responsibility and define the position description, reporting relationships, compensation, minimum requirements, key personal characteristics needed, and the opportunity associated with the position.  In addition, it will include information on client company history, an assessment of management and general condition of the Client Company, and location information (i.e. cost of living information and community profile). The interview process itself is defined at this point as well.  The final job profile once approved by the Client Company becomes our search blueprint that provides key information for potential candidates and select industry sources.

Research: Customized, systematic research of target companies, key industry sources and appropriate candidates is conducted to develop a list of prospects for thorough screening and evaluation.

Candidate Assessment / Client Presentation: For each candidate selected for presentation to the client company, we conduct a thorough assessment of the individuals professional background, accomplishments, core competencies, career progression, management style, key personal characteristics, potential fit with your organization, key motivators, interest level in the opportunity and relocatability as well as other key areas as it relates to each search.

Client Interviews: The client company only conducts interviews with the top candidates selected. We will manage the overall interview process including coordinating all scheduling and travel arrangements. Post interview discussions between client and consultant and candidate and consultant are conducted to evaluate each candidate’s overall fit to the “blueprint” and the need for any fine-tuning to the Position Specification.

Final Selection and Negotiation: When the client is ready to make a final selection, a strategy is developed for balancing the clients needs against the preferred candidate’s expectations and priorities prior to extending a formal offer. This also helps to eliminate any uncertainties and awkwardness that frequently occur in the negotiation phase. The preferred candidate’s susceptibility to a counter-offer is also assessed and a strategy developed to help him/her to address such an offer, another significant benefit of having a third party participant.

Follow-Up:  After the search is completed, we remain in close contact for several months with both client and new placement in an effort to resolve any transition issues and cement a positive, long-term relationship.