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About Us

Our Mission      

The charter of MedSearch, Inc. is to develop solid, long-term business relationships with a select number of clients based on trust and performance.  Our highly specialized search/consultant practice is centered on conducting multiple assignments for those select healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industry clients where we are able to serve as an extension of their own management team and make a real contribution to strengthening their management infrastructure. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity, with an industry specific focus that is based on a track record of successfully completed assignments.

What We Do

MedSearch, Inc. is a national specialty executive search/consulting firm focused exclusively in the healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.  It was founded 19 years ago on the premise that in today’s highly competitive market, the professional recruitment of key executives, senior managers, and technical personnel, demands industry specific knowledge and experience in order to assure a successful outcome.  A “generalist” or “one size fits all” mentality on the part of the search firm or search consultant simply does not maximize the client’s return on investment.  MedSearch, Inc.’s core competency is identifying, attracting, and critically screening and evaluating C-Level, VP-level, Director and Manager level leaders across a wide variety of disciplines including Medical and Clinical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance and Quality Control including Compliance, Product Development, Operations, Engineering, Marketing,  and Human Resources.  To effectively recruit exceptional talent from lucrative, competitive environments, credibility must be established from the outset.  The consultant’s knowledge and experience in a particular industry will not only reflect favorably on the Client Company but will also influence a candidate’s interest. Every candidate must have confidence in the consultant’s capabilities, confidentiality and expertise. Who knows how many high potential candidates are lost early in the process mainly for this reason?